Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First post of the official blog! Officially scatterbrained!

Ok, so I need to post something, although this isn't what I planned on for my first post!!
I am really excited to begin the whole internet social networking to promote my FIRST novel, Fire and Ice. I am openly embracing twitter (I still have not had a chance to get to setting up that part quite yet), a facebook fan page, an author facebook page (let's just say trying to create the right pages has been exhausting), making changes to my website and so on and so on has left my brain a little fried.....For all of you who know me, I am not someone who knows a whole lot about technology, but I'm willing to learn. Unfortunately I am a VERY slow learner. Heh, heh....And to warn you: I am a big dreamer and I have serious issues with staying on the same topic for very long. I tend to jump all over the place. So hopefully those of you choosing to take this ship with me- you can withstand and survive my all-over the place antics.

Anyhoo, Fire and Ice was written in about 10 months and I've been farting around on getting it edited, critiqued and published for the last two years. When I began submitting the manuscript last spring, I honestly had no idea what adventures I was in for. There is so much more work to publishing a book than I'd ever dreamed of, folks! So although I've taken my time, I have been working really hard. I know that sounds kind of weird together....

I have wanted to start a blog on my novel for ages. There are all sorts of little secrets and behind the scenes things I love talking about with my book. I can't wait until I have followers and a discussion feed and can speak with eager readers/fans about things they think about and I think about.
And let's put it this way: I will never read a book by another author ever the same ever again. When I read, I want to ask all sorts of questions to the author themself.

My dream- someday meet Stephanie Meyer. It wasn't until her interview on Oprah about Twilight that I was hit with the light bulb moment to write my first novel. I have always wanted to publish my first book, I just never had the ummpfff of a push to get me going. I never really had a dead set reason behind the madness of accomplishing such a mad and difficult dream. I give huge credit to her (Stephanie M.) Sometimes just having her books on my nightstand or in my book shelf would be the only things that kept me going during times of dissappointment or frustration. "If she can do this, so can I!"....(except sometimes I didn't sound so excited/determined when exclaiming that.....)

So, back to the creation of the book Fire and Ice: I wrote it in about ten months, and 12 months later when trying to get it published and failing miserably (not really getting any bites on the storyline), I became super great friends with one of the best people ever- My co-author Heather Adams. She was so into my book, wanting to help organize my scatterbrained ideas and thoughts and she had amazing advice and imput. She helped to revamp the storyline and give a whole new idea to how it should play out. Thus I went back to the writing board and spent another 6 months re-editing. The final outcome is so much better than the original. As Heather puts it, "This is your baby. I'm here to help."......So Heather is more of the behind the scenes person with a fabulous brain that soaks up everything like a sponge. (Hence she is attending school to gain her RN degree.)

For those of you stumbling across this page, here is my opening Query, (description of the book): STORYLINE OF FIRE AND ICE: Claire Ellis finds something very strange and unique in her grandparent’s hoarded and cluttered basement that changes her life forever. She soon learns that if it falls into the wrong hands, it could have the power to destroy this world, along with other worlds and all their creations. Feeling inadequate for the task, but seeing no other option, she accepts the challenge to guard her discovery with her very soul in order to prevent evil from winning the final battle of the excruciating war that has taken place silently for nearly four centuries. Because of her discovery, she experiences love for the first time, she witnesses death and murder, and she becomes even more uncommon from her peers. Ultimately, the destiny of her life is changed eternally. In Fire and Ice, 15 year old Claire Ellis does all this alongside her best friend while exploring boys, parties, and dating. Claire is a humble, yet liberal teenager. Claire’s discovery is actually a part of a larger number of sacred items that had once been safe within the Higher Powers of Heaven as ‘One’ and guarded closely by famous Gods and Goddesses like Ares, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, ... A soap opera of events like infidelity, revenge, and damnation in the heavens cause all things harmonious to be disrupted and cursed forever. The Gods and Goddesses have no choice but to break up the one sacred item into multiple pieces, scatter and entrust them to a variety of different mortal ‘caretakers’ in distinct bloodlines, who like Claire now, were given a choice of whether or not to accept such an intimidating call of duty.

Back to my regular blog post- I have had a lot of friends and family eagerly asking over the last year of my progress on my book. So here I am finally able to give them something to chew on.
Also, I have written half of book two (Fire and Ice is planned to be a four book series) and I've written summaries/plotlines of books three and four.

Recently in the last year, I lost someone very dear to me. It wasn't until after this person was gone that I came across something extraordinary in their belongings that was given to me that honestly made me stop and realize that writing Fire and Ice is meant to be. I will share in my next posting (which I wanted to be my orginal first post) of what it was I found and was given that pushes my determination in completing this project book series and going on to write half a dozen other stories and even a children's series. (seriously, you will pee your pants when you see the next post. Heather almost did, it even gave her chills on the coincidence of everything!)
Thus, I am going to end this post and revisit with you in a few days. Thanks for reading, welcome aboard and hold on for the ride. It's going to be awesome!


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