About Me

Kara Ferguson Allred was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Although she loves Idaho for it’s limitless outdoor recreational activities, she prefers sunny Arizona where she moved to almost ten years ago. Her favorite color is the whole rainbow, but if needing to be specific, she loves green. She adores anything sparkly or glittery (she swears she’ll come back as a raccoon in another life)...

She is obsessed with everything Disney. She LOVES sunflowers... they have much meaning to her. She loves chocolate...(who doesn’t?)

Her favorite food is every kind of fruit out there and she hates broccoli. Bleh.

Her idea of fun is to stay at home and hang out with friends and family while enjoying good food.

She is a college dropout, preferring to do what she loves: be a mother of two, a wife and write books. At first she finished high school ridiculously early, thinking she’d go to college for awhile and become a radiologist. Once in school, it just didn’t suit her. She does desire to get a degree someday, but not quite yet.

It has always been her dream to publish a book. Since she was a little girl, she’d type out stories on her grandmother’s ancient typewriter (which she still has every single one to this day).

As of now she has a series of books she’d like to write, half a dozen single novels, a children’s series and one other children’s book.

Something unique about Kara is that she was raised by her grandparents and thus was taught to immerse herself in reading instead of watching Television. To this day, she’d rather read than watch TV.